In the last blog story we told you about how to find reliable suppliers of sustainable products, and what questions to ask them. Now you may have the same questions about our products so we will be introducing our products and their origins regularly. Today, we are starting with our products made from Coconut Shells which we import from the south of Vietnam.

Our coconut shells are sourced in a small village called Cái Mơn in the Ben Tre Province of Vietnam. Coconuts have always been a vital resource to this area as they provide coconut water and coconut flesh which are both an important part of the daily diet of the local Vietnamese people.

Until recently after draining the coconut water and cutting out the flesh, the leftover shells were simply considered as waste, and were burned. For anyone who has visited Vietnam, or any other South East Asian country where palm trees grow, the sight of huge piles of burning coconut shells is one they have probably seen at some point. Increasing travel however, including the introduction of smoothie bowls and a growing interest in sustainable & organic alternatives for plastic and other non-sustainable materials has caused a great development which benefits both the environment and the local community.

By cleaning the coconut shells of their ‘hair’, and polishing them, a complete new source of income is generated for the community. Nowadays there are many different products crafted from these shells such simple coconut shell bowls, but also highly decorated bowls, candle holders, wax candles and more. When people get creative, you can even make complete chandeliers from them, and with the right touch, these are incredibly charming.

It speaks for itselft that these products are truly bio-degradable, but even if thrown away these can still serve a purpose. Coconut shells happen to be perfectly suitable as charcoal for a barbecue as well, so if you’re tired of them, keep that in mind. All features combined, coconut shell products are great for both environment and social community, and that makes them to a great addition for our sustainable products collection!