Green Branding

Green branding is a term that we hear more and more in modern day society. It can be described as going above and beyond traditional marketing by promoting environmental core values (Investopedia). In a world where the environmental impact of businesses becomes increasingly important for the consumer, Green Branding can have a positive effect on the image of a company which ultimately can and will result in more success for the company.

Implementing green branding and sustainable solutions into your company will not only contribute to a positive brand image, it also makes you and your employees feel engaged in contributing to a better environment. The great benefit of sustainable branding, is that besides positive attention from the consumer, it also directly has a positive effect on the environment, even when it is only implemented from a marketing point of view.

And ultimately, with by implementing sustainable solutions into your everyday operations, it most likely will result in a decrease of cost on one side, as well as generate more sales on the other side, which increased your bottom-line profit. In short, there are only positives related to Green Branding, and we at Whataboutgreen are ready to help you to start today.


With branding comes customization. We understand every business is unique, and where some companies are looking for our standard products, many companies will also want to customize their sustainable products, in order to promote their brand name and become known as a brand that cares about the environment. At Whataboutgreen, we work with suppliers that have the capability of inhouse customization of their products. Therefore we can have pictures of customized samples available in our hands within one week. We can then provide you pictures and information, and only if it is to your liking, we ship it over. As we do the quality check here, the products will only be shipped if they are to your liking, preventing unnecessary transport and CO2 emissions.

We offer a wide variety of possibilities for customization. The most common, fast and easy way of customization is 3D Laser Engraving, which does not involve any inks and works on natural products like bamboo, metal products like stainless steels, stone products and glass products. In a matter of seconds, our standard products will be transformed into your 100% unique personalized product that you can sell to your customers, use in your daily operations, hand out as a relationship gift to your partners, or simply keep to yourself at home!  contact us for your own customized products and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Hotels, Restaurants & Bars

It is no secret that the service industry is responsible for a large amount of disposable plastic waste. Millions of plastic straws are still used by the majority of Bars, Restaurants and hotels worldwide. However, there is a positive change on the horizon. With the introduction of both Bamboo & Stainless steel straws, companies in the service industry now have an alternative to choose from, which can cause a significant reduction in plastic waste.  Apart from a reduction in plastic waste, these straws are also re-usable and will last for months, sometimes even years. Where the price of a Bamboo or Stainless Steel straw might be higher at the beginning, in the long run it will cause a reduction in cost.

Besides the positive economical and environmental impact on your business, the use of sustainable everyday products in your business will also contribute to a positive Brand Image and Brand Association. Nowadays, sustainability becomes a larger part of commercial decision making, and those brands who invest in sustainability will be more attractive to the consumer than those brands who don’t. Please contact us for solutions for your business, we are happy to get into a brainstorm session with you about how we can help you become more sustainable.

Corporations & Organizations

In recent times, there is a growing pressure from the public to address environmental issues. Younger generations (Generation Z) more and more take part in climate activism and are now entering the workforce. They will soon be the largest group of consumers and will be able to make a change by personal action. Research shows that the majority of global consumers is concerned about climate change, but only a handful of them are willing to play a part in their daily life. Governmental organizations and Global companies should lead the way in this process, and Whataboutgreen allows them to do so. Think about branded Sustainable relationship gifts or Sustainable end of year gift baskets for staff, and also more practical items like reusable coffee mugs, durable plates and cutlery for the staff canteen, replacing single-use plastic products.

Apart from making a change to more sustainable products in your organization and actively contributing to a better environment, Whataboutgreen will also make sure that your brand will be highlighted as a Green Partner in our media outings.



Shops & Retailers

We are all well familiar with it, that one corner in at the Supermarket or Convenience store where you can find an abundance of disposable plasticware. Plastic cutlery, plates, cups, ideal for a party, easy and disposable… But extremely harmful for the environment. Luckily, we see that some supermarket chains are changing to sustainable disposable products, but there is still a long way to go. But then what is a good alternative?

Whataboutgreen offers a variety of products that serve exactly the same purpose but are not harmful to our environment. Naturally, using reusable, durable plates and cutlery is the best option. It is a one-time investment that will last long. There are also good disposable alternatives. One very good alternative we find with Palm leaf plates. These are made from fallen palm leaves that are not just harvested in a sustainable way, but are also truly, or ‘Backyard’ bio-degradable and home compostable. They are also produced 100% chemical free.

We encourage grocery stores, family shops, and large supermarket chains to be front runners in the fight against single use plastics and join our cause. For more information please contact our Sales department.

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